Dipping My Toes in The Water


Hi guys…..*little wave*. Remember me? I’m not entirely sure you would. This year has been a crazy, busy year for our little family. While I’ve missed being here so very much, there’s been no time or as a family it’s been too difficult to share with everyone. Let’s play catch up, shall we?

I’m not sure if you remember or not, but we had a big-C scare in the family and we thought we had moved past it. Not so much. We’ve been supporting this family member through the last few months(and for a few months before when this really got it’s start). It’s been very hard on everyone and has involved a lot of running back and forth and balancing schedules and keeping emotions in check. Especially since we’ve not broached the subject with our children, wanting to wait until we knew for sure. Thankfully after several weeks of testing with various doctors, we know now that everything is okay. While they’re still having issues and being seen by doctors for those issues, it’s not cancer. I cannot begin to tell you the relief we all feel from this, or how tired everyone was when that stress lifted itself from the collective family shoulders.

With all of this we’ve had a sibling have a stroke and lose part control of their right side. Right now they’re still going through testing for limitations, adjusting to new medications and having family help them through the major changes this brought on, like losing their license and effectively their lifelong career. Needless to say, this is a situation similar to that above in that the entire family has been on edge and busy. 

With those being the most important, He has had issues at work, more with his hours turned and we’ve been tightening the belt and pushing even our frugal ways to the max. Being there for our family has been most important, but these last two months have been difficult just banding together to care for ourselves. Thankfully planning ahead and being frugal before have helped us a great deal. We had a nice nest egg saved, though intended for our vacation, which got us through these lean weeks without almost no noticeable difference for our children. While we don’t have that saved anymore, bills were paid and there was always food on the table, which was always more important.

Things have not been all doom and gloom and work by any means though! In the middle of all this, we were fortunate enough to be able to go along with He on another training session. It was an almost free, week long paid vacation to Atlanta!

ImageWhile we didn’t do any of the big expensive touristy things while there, we took advantage of the two beautiful in-ground pools, complimentary breakfasts, and fridge/microwave provided in room.  


Most days He was out of class hours earlier than anticipated and we were able to enjoy lazy days in the pool with our kids. Quiet and peaceful, that week allowed us to regroup as a family of just the four of us. No trips to the doctor, no running to the store, just lots of snuggling and playing.


Plus, no car repairs this time, woo! LOL!

Through all of this, we’ve continued trying new recipes, doing school work geared towards preparing them for the next grades, and working on our house to organize it in a way we’re happy with and is functional and eye pleasing to us. I for one, am hoping that with everyone who needs care on track to getting it or there already, things will start to wind down and the last six weeks before school starts can be a relaxing time to enjoy my children being here with me.


How has the last two months treated you? Been on vacation? Maybe made your own vacation at home? Please share with me, seeing your ideas inspires some of our own! Either way, Happy Monday!



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