It’s Been a Hard Days Night…..but there was pizza


So today has been pretty boring for little She and little He. It’s been rainy and miserable for a couple of days and we’ve been trapped inside. Thankfully, Lego Indiana Jones style, saved the day!  And while they were busy with that, I made pizza dough.

Okay so I know some people are already going, wait…you let them play video games? BAD MOMMY! This is where you get told, politely, to turn tail and exit the building, cause conventional and approval seeking I am not.

Alright, back to the day previously in progress. Pizza….it’s everyone’s favorite food right? Well, not mine of course, but my three pronouns love it. We’ve made a few different crusts lately, as we’re trying to make more from scratch, but I think we’ve finally found one everyone agrees on. Which is good, I was tired of playing betty crocker and being shot down like a kami-kazi on a suicide mission.

I found our recipe here btw(it’s pinned in two places on my boards on pinterest, I’m HERE if you wanna follow that insanity too), in case you’re wondering, and made two fair to passing pizzas out of it. You’re supposed to get three, but I apparently have no cutting skills with my broken pizza cutter and ended up with one large and one lopsided as hell medium pizza. Either way, they were VERY happy and I have seconds for lunch for everyone tomorrow.

This is the uglier smaller sibling of the twins. Demented, twisted and slightly deformed, but just as lovable. Plus, you get to see the infamous broken pizza cutter!

To make it, I followed her directions to a T, and only had to let mine rise for about an hour and 45 minutes before it was ginormous(you’ll see lots of words like this, when it happens, you’ll know I went all George Bush on you and started making up my own words!). I used about a half a jar for each pizza(one obviously more sauce rich than the other) of Classico Traditional Pizza Sauce, garlic salt, Food Lion brand mozzarella, and 4C Grated Parmesan. Everyone was quite happy, though next time I’ll pay better attention and divide the dough better so we actually get three pizzas from this. Divide and conquer, yeah…next time.

It’s still storming outside, but at least it’s not hot. Has it been hot wherever you are? How do you deal with it? I have a little She with health issues who cannot handle the heat and misses her extended time in the sunshine. I’m at a loss on how to deal with it, and overdue for a talk with our allergist. It’ll be nice when the temperatures are back in the eighties for a while and all day play is doable again.  Either way, the change is nice, and He is home and relaxing on the big comfy couch now, so I think I’m done for the day. Goodnight all you lovely peoples.

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